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Our Story

Welcome to Renaissance Inspiration, a clothing company that aims to reignite interest and curiosity around the artists and thinkers of the past. Our story began with a passion for classical art and drive to learn about those thinkers who came before us. We believe in the idea that every person carries within them the potential to create and mold tomorrow for better. Our values include love for the beauty in all things and appreciation for those who create, both in the past and the present. Our vision is to create a style and accessories that awaken the creative life force that once inspired these forms of art. We hope to open up the current and future generations to appreciate the wisdom and beauty of the past and to educate those that are still to come. As an apparel company, our duty is to provide the highest quality of products and service. Our textiles for clothing will only be 100% cotton. Refunds and personalised customer service will be our main focus to ensure our customers are satisfied with coming back. We look forward to building a community of thinkers and artists who are as passionate as we are in inspiring others through the wisdom and beauty of the past. In spite of  its age, the power and magic of classical artistry are still there for those who have the eyes to see and eagerness to learn.

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